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SDH - Fake Is Real CD

SDH - Fake Is Real CD

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The duo formed by Andrea P. Latorre and Sergi Algiz is a specialist in shedding skin and gladly combines new heteronyms in Fake is Real, their sophomore album after their self titled debut in 2018 and subsequent EPs Against Strong Thinking and Maybe a Body, which have been full of reinterpretations and remixes.

Another sign is that they trust their modus operandi to mutation and the idea that nothing is ever quite said. It’s been three years of work, growth and numerous performances in venues and festivals throughout Europe.

In Fake is Real, SDH go out once again in search of nightclubs that are familiar, but never obvious.

The occasion is tremendous and the list of honorees is select: beginning with the producer Kris Baha, who has provided forcefulness to the rhythmic base and prominence to the voices.

The dress code transcends the categories of dark wave, to dress as mischievous EBM, with accessories from new dance, acid house and disrupted but melodic techno, with structured twists that come to caress the electronic psychedelia.

Ready to play? Let’s play. Let’s change our epidermis, let’s confuse our coats in the dark.

Knowing that only in the dark is where everything unpronounceable can have a place, SDH go all-in. Their darkwave résumé allows the duo to blend diverse electronica and leftfield sounds such as big beat, eurodance, synthwave, hard trance and body music in a very personal and emotional way.

You may hear influences drawn from Da Blitz to the Prodigy, Yves Deruyter to Faithless, yet everything is so SDH you just can’t mistake them with any other band out there.

Not unlike early 90’s-era Coil, the music here is as important as the idea behind the band, a unit conceived to explore and operate on the margins of the music genres it supposedly belongs to, making it hard and therefore so damn interesting to define what’s been done.

A work open to so many influences, that it gives a pleasant vertigo to be involved in it.

If you’ve ever been afraid of the night, Fake is Real offers you a reconciliation with all its rhythms that invites you to move together in the club.

Fake Is Real is out 30 June 2023 on black vinyl LP ltd to 500 and 4-panel digipak CD ltd to 250.
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